Mar 27, 2008

Use warm IV fluids & Blood especially in neonates & children with Thermal Angel

During major surgical procedures in neonates & children, to avoid the hypothermia, anesthesiologist prefers to infuse warm IV fluids or blood products. In adults, during resuscitation in major trauma or hemorrhagic shock, one needs to infuse the IV fluids & blood rapidly. These are some areas of use for Thermal angel. It is a portable, lightweight, disposable & battery powered device, which helps in warming the IV fluid/ blood products & thus preventing hypothermia.

Previously, IV fluids & blood products, used to make warm by dipping them into the hot water. It was time consuming in an emergency & there used to be no hold on the temperature. Apart from this, there are many warming technologies came into use.But compare to older technologies, thermal angel provides warm fluid within 45 seconds & it is safe to use. There is no complexity of instrument, no maintenance required & because of its lightweight it can be carried anywhere in the remote areas.

Thermal Angel Blood Warmer Details are it is safe to use with temperature control, quick to use within 45 seconds, easy to use because of simple instrument, easy to carry as it is lightweight & no maintenance required because it is disposable. Thus, truly speaking it is an ‘angel’, which will help in emergency.