Apr 3, 2008

Posterior urethral valves

Posterior urethral valves are the commonest cause of urethral obstruction in male children. These valves are situated at the distal most portion of prostatic urethra i.e. proximal urethra causing the obstruction in the flow of urine. This results in dilatation of prostatic urethra.

Posterior urethral valves have various presentations. It can be diagnosed antenatally when the maternal ultrasonography is done. It shows bilateral hydronephrosis, an enlarged bladder & oligohydramnios. After birth, the child present with repeated urinary tract infections, dribbling of urine or straining during micturition.

The urine routine & microscopic examination shows the pus cells because of infection. The diagnostic investigation is micturating cystourethrogram (MCU), which is usually done after infection is treated with antibiotics. MCU shows dilated prostatic urethra. The treatment is cystoscopic valve fulguration