Mar 15, 2008

Fissure-in ano

Blood in stool occur because of many causes. One of the cause is fissure-in-ano. Fissure in ano means cut into anal mucosa. This occur because of hard motion. When a child is suffering from constipation, he tries to pass the hard motion resulting into cut in anal mucosa. This may lead to bleeding while passing subsequent motion & severe pain. The child cries or tries to hold the motion because of fear of pain. It again leads to more constipation & the cycle becomes vicious. On examination, there is redness & fissure (cut) in the anal mucosa. The immediate treatment is oral laxatives to make the motion soft, local application of analgesic jelly & oral metronidazole/ ornidazole, dietary modification. Long term treatment is dietary modification. Diet should contain high fiber diet, green leafy vegetables, milk intake should be less & lot of water. It helps to make the stool soft. The junk foods containing bread, pizza etc should be avoided. Avoid spicy food & lot of milk. If the child is older, then let him/her play outdoor games, exercises & cycling which helps in regulation of digestive system. Once the cut heals, then even enemas or suppository helps in softening of stool. Remember, the diet change & regular exercise needs lot of motivation. If you are doing it, then child adopt it very quickly so you need to change yourself first if you want your little one pain free.