Mar 21, 2009

Preauricular Sinus

Introduction: Preauricular sinus is a congenital deformity.It is identified as a small dell adjacent to the external ear, usually at the anterior margin of ascending helix i.e. in preauricular space.

Clinical features: Preauricular sinus is generally noted as a pit in front of the pinna.It is pathological when it starts pouring out serous/ seropurulent or purulent discharge.There can be redness and swelling around the pit. The child cries excessively because of the pain. On examination, the discharging sinus is seen in preauricular space. The signs of inflammation are seen as described above. Sometimes the discharge may not be seen but it can be expressed by gentle pressure. It is a clinical diagnosis & may not need specific investigations.

Investigations: The total white cell counts as well as neutrophils are increased on blood examinations. The pus can be sent for culture and sensitivity to give specific antibiotics.

Treatment: In acute case i.e. during active infection, the condition is treated conservatively with antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. Once the infection is eradicated, the elective excision of preauricular sinus is mandatory.The sinus should be excised in total or else there is chance of recurrence.


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