Feb 5, 2012


Phimosis is narrowing of prepucial opening. In infancy, prepucial skin is adherent to the glans.Over the period it gets separated. This is physiological phimosis. Pathological phimosis generally occurs in older children because of repeated infection also called as balanoposthitis.

The child will present with urinary complaints like crying during micturition, redness at glans/meatus, ballooning of prepuceal skin while micturating, repeated urinary tract infection, failure to thrive.

Circumcision is the procedure of choice where the excess prepucial skin is cut under local/general anesthesia.In some religions like muslim, it is done as a ritual custom.

It is day care procedure & within 8-10 days child recovers & wound dries up. The sutures are absorbable like catgut, vicryl rapid etc.Oral antibiotics, analgesics,local ointment & local sitz bath is required  after the procedure. Complications are immediate bleeding, recurrent adhesion (if the excess skin is not cut adequately), excess cutting of the prepucial skin, meatal stenosis etc.