Jul 30, 2008


Introduction: It is also called cystic hygroma. It arise as the result of abnormality of the development of lymphatic system.This is soft,multicystic, ill defined cystic mass that is brilliantly transilluminant

Sites: It can occur in any part of the body but the neck is the most commonest part. Other areas which gets affected are axillae,mediastinum, groin, and retroperitoneum.

Symptoms & signs: The presenting symptoms is usually soft, non tender swelling rarely evident at birth but may become evident as the child grows. The swelling may be subcutaneous deep or may be in the facial planes or in the muscular plane. There swelling is multicystic & cyst varies in size from macrocystic to microcystic in nature. The swelling is compressible & may be minimally reducible. It is brilliantly transilluminant.

CT scan/ MRI

1. Injection sclerotherapy: Aspiration of fluid & injection of sclerosants inside the cysts is the treatment advisable where the surgical excision is not possible.

2. Surgical excision: Excision of lymphangioms is the best form of treatment. This is benign lesion which can be excised without the margin of normal tissue. Wherever it is close to the vital structures, the cyst can be marsupilized, provided by all macroscopically abnormal lymphatics are removed.